Patrick Cannell is a highly versatile composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist whose advertising and film music has been heard across the globe. The youngest of three brothers with unusually older and worldly parents, he was exposed to a diverse array of musical influences before he could crawl. With inspiration from delta blues to opera and many genres in between, at age 12 he began utilizing this extensive exposure and his proficiency on a number of instruments to score the films of his brother, 10 years his senior. This broad musical background, combined with a degree from NYU in music composition, a great deal of world traveling and a diverse arsenal of sound-makers including collections of drums and electric, acoustic and homemade string instruments, has contributed to his involvement in a wide range of projects both in the US and abroad.

These include award-winning feature films, documentaries and shorts, TV and Internet commercials, the score for an innovative Broadway musical dramedy, a 25 minute tribute suite to migrant farm workers, collaborations with a variety of recording artists as writer/producer, collaborations with choreographers, chamber pieces, a symphony that's in the works, and benefit concerts for Haiti and Japan disaster relief where he served as musical director. His clients include: